Everyday Inspirations On How To Fully Rely On God

Everyday Inspirations On How To Fully Rely On God

Sometimes are we too busy to hear God talking?

I think I am. For the last few days, I’ve been struggling with harvest. For a family recovering from a tornado, low grain prices just isn’t what we were hoping for this year.

On the way home from a meeting last night, I was praying to God. I heard a very peaceful, “Do not fear.” I was too busy to listen.

During my “parts run” this morning, I turned on the radio and instantly, “Cast all your cares” started playing. I didn’t hear it.

I called my Christian accountability partner, Carmen, and she reminded me to praise God for our blessings. Yeah, I heard her; but, it didn’t sink in.

I then opened my Bible Verse for the day and I read, “Casting the whole of your care [anxieties, worries, concerns] on Him for He cares for you affectionately and cares about you watchfully.” (1 Peter 5:7).

At that moment I realized that God has been telling me in so many ways that He is bigger than my fears. He’s got this. I just need to commit. I sat back and wondered if God is scratching his head in Heaven and telling John The Baptist, “I’ve been trying to reach her in a variety of ways. But, why doesn’t she hear me?”

Thank God that He is a God that doesn’t stop trying.

I hope today you take a moment or two to see what God might be telling you.

Whose Line Is It Anyway?

I loved saying the line, “God can only give you what you can handle” to friends in times of need. It made me feel good saying it. I felt like when I said it to others, Jesus was high-fiving everyone in heaven because I finally “got it” and could pass it on to others. How I was so wrong.

I soon realized when we were going through our “tornado” trauma that my “go to” line was far from the truth. You see, God, gave us more than we could handle. Yes, you heard me. More. Everything that we worked for and the generations before us sacrificed…was gone in a quick five minutes.

Through the dreary rain, the ankle deep mud, and the decomposing hay, I realized that God gave us MORE  than we could handle. It wasn’t because he hated us or was punishing us. It was very simple. He knew that if He gave us more than we could handle then and only then we would fully rely upon him. 100%. Not 99.999%. We had to completely surrender. We had to completely give it to him.

And then something wonderful happened.

The vast powerful; yet peaceful unconditional love from God could be felt in every cell of our bodies. I thought, “Yes, this must be just a sliver of what it would be like in Heaven.” Intoxicating. It was never overwhelming; but, simply peaceful. It was like we were walking around in a bouncy bubble of pink gushy love. I don’t think my husband would put it in those terms. Could you see a “manly farmer type” walking around in an imaginary pink gushy love bubble? But, hey…I’m writing this not him.

It is a feeling I wish everyone could experience without the tragedy to get you there.

The point here is very simple. I was wrong all these years. God gives (or allowed) us more than we can handle so we can fully rely upon him. Not on our terms or when it is convenient for us. He truly wants us in our daily life to say, “I surrender to you God. I can’t do this at all. This is all yours. I trust you. I love you.”

Romans 8:39 says it best, “No height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God; which is in Christ Jesus or Lord.” All those years I was telling people they could go through their trauma without God; when I should having been telling them to run to him.

Good day and God Bless!

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